Saturday, June 19, 2010

Mint chutney...

Mint chutney or pudina chutney..

Mint leaf (pudina) -1/2 bunch, cut and wash the mint leafs
urad dal ( 1 tsp
tamarind - small piece
onion 1
tomato 1
chilli pwd 1 /2 tsp
redchilli whole 2
mustard seeds 1/2 tsp
oil 2 tsp

heat a oil in a pan add urad dal when dal turns brown add tamarind piece, onion and fry till brown add redchilli whole and tomatoes and fry till tomato cooks add pudina leafs and chilli pwd and grind into paste when cool.. saute mustard seeds at the end...serve with hot soft itlys....yumm

Pudina chutney was my grandmoms fav side ...she used to make it often to serve with curd rice and other dishes...but the one she makes had no tomatoes was was more dry....for itly my mom inlaw makes it this way...and i love it....

love the flavour of pudina....



  1. adipoli ayittu ondu tto !!...awesome recipe and very delicious too :)

  2. hi umita
    yummy chutney ,i love mint flavor ,will try it soon


  3. this chutney, looks delicious...

  4. Hi, nice to discover your blog, you have a beautiful space shaping up here...lovely mint recipe, quite refreshing one'.

  5. thanx a lot malar...u r blog is lovely too..typical tamil style...would surely try some of u r recipes....

  6. Yummy recipe Umita...looks perfect..I will definitely try this.

  7. Yummy and perfect texture.Keep rocking.
    Visit my blog when time permits.


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